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About Button from Aeotec

Button extends Aeotec's current-get siren platform. Paired with Siren 6, it lets that product be used as both a siren and a doorbell. Paired with Doorbell 6, it allows that product to be triggered by multiple buttons.

Please note that Button is not compatible with Aeotec's previous-ten siren technology, Siren Gen5


  • Button is specifically designed for Doorbell 6 and Siren 6, Aeotec’s Z-Wave doorbell and security siren.
  • Button uses 433 MHz for maximum wireless range and battery performance; it does not include Z-Wave technology but rather communicates to Z-Wave systems through Doorbell 6 and Siren 6.
  • Doorbell 6 can connect up to 3 separate Buttons in total.
  • Add Button to Siren 6 to convert it to Doorbell 6.
  • Powered by one, replaceable CR2450 cell battery. Typically battery life of 2 years in tested circumstances.
  • IP55 waterproof / splash and dust proof for outdoor use.
  • Built-in LED indicator on the top. Button can be installed up to 300 feet from Doorbell 6 in an open-space. Use will vary.


  • Dimensions: 85 x 38 x 14 mm
  • Wireless Technology: 433.92 FSK.
  • Weight: 35g
  • Z-Wave: No
  • Smart Start Compatible: No
  • Button Battery: CR2450, 630mAh, removeable
  • Operating humidity: 8% to 80%
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
  • Max Operating Distance: 30m / 98ft indoors and 100m / 328ft outdoor

More information

Aeotec maintains a user guide here.