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About Door / Window Sensor 7 (ZWA008) from Aeotec

3-in-1 safety and security sensor used to monitor doors and windows closing. For home security, entry monitoring, elderly care, easy to install.


  • Aeotec's smallest, full-featured open/close sensor; 40% smaller than Door / Window Sensor Gen5. 
  • 3 sensors built-in: open/close sensor, tilt sensor and dry contact sensor.
  • Additionally can be used connected 3rd party electronics to your Z-Wave system using the sensor's universal binary input / dry contact sensor.
  • Features SmartStart and S2 security technologies.
  • Powered by one 1/2 AA (ER14250), Door / Window Sensor 7 uses 66% less battery power to communicate via Z-Wave Plus than older models did. Offers up to 3-year battery life depending on gateway it connects with.
  • Uses Z-Wave Plus with Gen5 and 500 series wireless technology.

More information

Aeotec maintains Door / Window Sensor 7 user guide and setup information at that link.

Gateway compatibility please check  here.

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